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  My all-time favorite Beach Boys song? "Don't Worry Baby"Play Don't Worry Baby Intro. Music by Brian Wilson and lyrics by Roger Christian, the released version, master #51285, was recorded on February 20, 1964. It was originally released as track two, side one of the "Shutdown Volume 2" album, released on March 2, 1964. The song was released as a single, the B side of "I Get Around", on May 11, 1964. It charted on May 30, 1964 and reached #24 on the charts. Brian wrote the song as the follow-up to the 1963 Phil Spector produced hit, "Be My Baby" by the Ronettes. Both songs begin with distinctive drum riffs, both played by famous 'Wrecking Crew" session drummer Hal Blaine. With Brian singing the angel voiced lead vocal, "Don't Worry Baby" captures the essence of mid '60s teenaged angst.

Quoting Brian: " I had fun doin' "Don't Worry, Baby" too, because Dennis, Carl and I were singin' together in the background. This song was my first real attempt to sing the lead that was good enough for a single record. My high voice made them all cry. The thing about it is that I was singin', sweetly and lovingly, a lyric that was about racing my car. Some people might have thought that this was somehow humorous (I did), but I always overlooked the irony of it and got to the heart of it."

See "Don't Worry Baby" Lyrics

Picking this one song as my personal favorite was not at all easy, since so many Beach Boys songs appeal to me, with their sophisticated chord progressions and unmatched harmonies, inspired by Brian's love for the vocal stylings of the Four Freshmen. Since I purchased my first Beach Boys 45 in 1962, "Surfin' Safari" b/w "409", they have remained my favorite rock-and-roll group. 

Since the death of Carl Wilson, the youngest of the Wilson brothers, on February 8, 1998, there has not really been one touring band that can be considered "The Beach Boys". Mike Love, Bruce Johnston, and others have been touring under the Beach Boys name while Al Jardine has been touring with his sons and Brian's daughters as "Al Jardine's Family and Friends". Neither band has been filling venues like the original Beach Boys. Ironically, after years of seclusion, Brian started touring after the release of his "Imagination" album in 1998.  

In 2000, he released a two CD album "Live at the Roxy Theatre" and has been touring the US with his own band, and in many venues, appearing with a full symphony orchestra, performing the entire "Pet Sounds" album live. I was lucky enough to be able to see this show in Boston on July, 18, 2000, and it was nothing short of miraculous, musically and spiritually, to see Brian up on stage, doing the songs he's given us all. 

Friday the 13th of July, 2001, was a lucky day for me because I got to see Brian on stage at the Tweeter Center in Mansfield Ma. With essentially the same band he had last year, Brian exhibited far more ease on the stage than the year before as they played many of the regular songs we love but also refreshing renditions of not often performed gems like "'Til I Die", "Surf's Up", "Marcella",  and a song from Brian and Boston native Andy Paley, "Desert Drive". This is the Beach Boys of the new millennium!

The Beach Boys meet Teddy and the Pandas

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